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Automotive Antennas


44-UA20 Antenna
• High gain "Hide-away" amplified antenna or AM/FM bands • Active magnetic-type antenna, working on the magnetic field associated with a conductor excited by a microwave • Voltage pickup is Nanovolts, but with the magnetic type circuitry it extracts a signal with a superior signal-to- noise ratio • 102"/260cm coaxial cable and power supply wire



44-UA200 Antenna44-UA200 
Deluxe high performance windshield or glass mount amplified antenna • Separate AM and FM amplifiers for greatest performance• Separate ground wire for noise canceling and a red LED to confirm amplifier operation • Can mount on windshield behind mirror or on fixed side or back windows, 14 1/2"/37cm overall width • 3"/236cm cable length

44-UA30 Antenna
• European amplified roof antenna for AM/FM bands • 15"/38cm black helical wind removable fiberglass mast • 6"/15cm coaxial cable and power supply wire     $50.42


44-ua25 Antenna44-UA25  
On-Glass Micro Screen AM/FM Antenna • Hide-away, omni-directional antenna with a 54 inch cable $27.12


44-UA40 Antenna


44-UA40   ical wind removable fiberglass mast • 6"/15cm coaxial cable. (Power through cable) $73.54


44-UA205 Antenna44-UA205    36.00
• AM/FM slim style windshield or glass mount amplified antenna
• Gain FM - 10db/12db, AM - 5db/2db


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