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500 Amp Relay/ Isolator

500 Amp Relay/ Isolator

    Price: $69.95

    Code: IB500

    500 Amp Relay/ Isolator
    500 Amp Relay/ Isolator
    • Handles 500 Amps Continuous
    • Durable Weatherproof Construction
    • A Must For Multi Battery Systems
    • Allows For Longer Battery Life And Control Over Which Battery Is Being Used.
    • Great For Isolating Second Battery In Boats Making It Dedicated Only To The Stereo System.
    • Keeps Primary Starting Battery From Being Drained To The Point Of Stranding You In The Middle Of The Lake, River Or Ocean.
    • Unlike Dual Battery Isolators The IB500 Does Not Create Any Voltage Drop To The Secondary Battery.
    • Sold as each