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Bulk Portable Power Cord Liquidation

Portable cords may be used in commercial, industrial and residential applications. Some are used on job sites where resistance to oil, chemicals, and abrasion is essential in extreme environments - both the heat and the cold, outside or inside. Additionally, some portable cords can be water-resistant or water-submersible. Portable cords are commonly used in a range of facilities, such as construction sites, mills, mines, sports complexes, or even marinas.Although the construction of a portable cord varies depending on the type, a standard cord has at least two stranded copper conductors sized between #18 and #2 American wire gauge (AWG). The copper stranding, insulation, and outer jacket directly influence the physical properties of the cord and its permitted usesThe different letters in each type of portable cord designate the characteristics the cord has. The 'S' and 'J' letters in each of these types mean that they are ‘J’unior ‘S’ervice. Junior service simply means that the voltage rating of the cord is 300 volts. A single ‘O’ designates an oil resistant outer jacket, while the double ‘OO’ stands for oil resistant insulation and an oil resistant outer jacket. Finally, the ‘W’ stands for weather and water resistant, and is CSA approved for indoor or outdoor use.