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    K-Seal ST5501 Multi Purpose One Step Permanent Coolant Leak Repair

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      Purchase K-Seal ST5501 Multi Purpose One Step Permanent Coolant Leak Repair

      SKU: K-SEAL
      K-Seal ST5501 Multi Purpose One Step Permanent Coolant Leak Repair




      • Permanent coolant leak repair - Just shake, pour and go
      • Mixes with all antifreeze
      • No draining or flushing
      • Fixes cracks and leaks in radiator, head gasket, freeze plugs, cylinder heads, heater core, water pump casing and engine blocks
      • If product did not seal head gasket leak, the system might be Over-pressurized, which causes back pressure and doesn't allow the product to reach the problem area, on this page below under Technical Specification is a PDF Guide with instructions to follow to complete the repair successfully

      Radiator stop leak, head gasket stop leak, engine stop leak

      The Safe and Easy Way to Fix a Coolant Leak
      The secret behind K-Seal’s ability to repair a coolant leak is down to its contents: a specially developed blend of chemical ingredients including ceramic microfibers and copper particles. When added to the cooling system the ingredients disperse and flow freely around the system suspended in the coolant. If coolant is leaking from the system, either externally or internally across the head to the cylinders, then K-Seal will follow it through the hole or crack and try to fix the leak.

      Permanent Coolant Leak Repair with K-Seal
      Just Pour & Go
      Coolant leaks don’t have to result in costly repair bills – simply add K-Seal to your coolant system for a quick and permanent fix. K-Seal is trusted by millions of customers worldwide, and the only coolant leak repair fluid carried by the AA, the UK’s largest roadside repair company.

      K-Seal couldn’t be simpler to use. K-Seal’s unique formula will seek out holes and cracks, and permanently seal them, with no adverse impact on the efficiency of your engine cooling.

      Fixes most leaks in water-cooled engines
      Permanent repair, guaranteed for the lifetime of the engine
      Trusted by professionals
      Radiator stop leak, head gasket stop leak, engine stop leak
      Coolant System Sealer
      Just Pour & Go
      Once the crack or hole has been located, the microfibers instantly begin to mesh together within the gap, building a seal literally fiber by fiber to stop the coolant leaking through the gap.

      The particles in our K-Seal products are very precisely designed to be large enough to repair holes up to 0.635mm in size but deliberately small enough to never block any passageways or tubes within the cooling system, including those inside the heater core and radiator.

      Once the microfibers have sealed and fixed the leak, a combination of exposure to either the external atmosphere or the gases within the combustion chamber and the heat within the cooling system and engine causes the K-Seal formula to cure. This results in an extremely strong and permanent seal able to withstand even the high pressures from the combustion chamber. This is how K-Seal Ultimate is able to repair head gasket failures, even where the cooling system is being over-pressurized exhaust gases entering the system

      Common Coolant Leaks
      K-Seal can deal with all of these leaks and more, as long as they are identified as early as possible. It is easy to use – simply shake it and pour it into the coolant mixture and it will work automatically.

      Types of leaks that can occur within your car’s engine
      Head gasket leak, where the coolant is allowed to enter the engine cylinder
      Engine block leak, where the stressed metal cracks and leaks coolant
      Water pump leak, where leaks develop under stress or abrasion and coolant leaks out
      Radiator leak, where circulating coolant leaks and causes the engine to overheat