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    Amperage - 30-300
    Maximum Voltage - 58V DC
    Recommended Torque - 75 in-lb (8.47 Nm)
    Terminal Stud - M8 (5/16")
    Weight - 0.16 lb (0.07 kg)
    Marine rated battery fuses are designed to protect the main circuit on large battery banks. They are easy to install and have been built with longevity in mind. Each fuse slides onto the post of a marine rated battery fuse block. They are available in fuses amperages ranging from 30 amp all the way to 300 amp. Choosing the right marine rated battery fuse is not an easy task. Contact a Pacer expert today with any questions that you may have.
    Meets IP66, SAE J1711
    Satisfies ABYC requirements for DC main circuit protection on large battery banks

    Space-saving ignition protected fuse for 30 to 300 Amp loads. Must use with terminal blocks SPC-5191, EFB-MRBF1, or EFB-MRBF2.
    High interrupt rating 10000 Amps @ 14-V DC, 5000 Amps @ 32-V DC, 2000 Amps @ 58-V DC
    Clear window - visual indication of blown condition, use for main or auxiliary circuits

    Marine Rated Battery Fuses - CBBF/MRBF

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