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PowerBlade Starter Assortment

PowerBlade Starter Assortment

    Price: $289.95

    Code: PY31A

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    PowerBlade Starter Assortment

    100 pcs. PowerBlade Starter Assortment

    Key Features

    Pylon® PowerBlades feature stainless steel flexors for more consistent wiping,
    lateral stability and all season performance. Ensure your safety and the safety
    of those you love by replacing your wipers every 6 months or when you see
    signs of wear – hyperlink signs of wear. Assortment contains:

    PY3111 2 PY3119 10
    PY3112 2 PY3120 10
    PY3113 2 PY3121 8
    PY3114 2 PY3122 20
    PY3115 6 PY3124 10
    PY3116 6 PY3126 2
    PY3117 8 PY3128 4
    PY3118 8