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Professional Tire Repair Cabinet Assortment

Professional Tire Repair Cabinet Assortment

    Price: $844.44

    Code: TI777

    Professional Tire Repair Cabinet Assortment
    TI600 Tire Repair Wall Cabinet
    TI702 Medium Round All Purpose Repair, 2 1/4", 57mm (30 Bx)
    TI731 Small Round Universal Repair, 1 3/4" (30 Bx)
    TI732 Medium Round Universal Repair, 2 1/4" (25 Bx)
    TI651 1/4" Lead Wire Inserts- 20PCS
    TI654 1/4" Dipped Lead Wire Insert- 20PCS
    TI661 Lead Wire Combination 1 3/4" Round, 1/4" Stem-24PCS
    TI662 Lead Wire Combination 2" Round, 5/16" Stem-24PCS
    TI210 Chemical Vulcanizing Cement, Flammable 8oz
    TI240 Buffing Solution, Flammable 32oz
    TI245 Inner Liner Sealer, Flammable 16oz
    TI250 Bead Sealer, Flammable 32oz
    TI212 Tire Marking Crayon, 1/2" Hex
    TI213 Tire Marking Crayon, 1/2" Hex
    MI985 Small Brass Sidewall Tire Brush
    MI160 Inner Liner Scraper Sharp Blade Hoe Style
    TI17 Die-Cast T-Handle With 5 1/2" Replaceable Spiral Cement Probe
    TI10 2 1/2" Tungsten Coated Buffing Wheel - 36 Grit
    TI18 Power Awl With Screwdriver Type Handle 3" Non-Replaceable Awl
    TI330 Short Quick Change Adapter, 3/8" Threads
    TI333 Quick Change Adapter For 3/16" ( 4.8mm ) Shank
    TI334 Quick Change Adapter For 1/4" ( 6.3mm ) Shank
    TI345 3/16" Injury Carbide Cutter
    TI346 1/4" Injury Carbide Cutter
    TI69 Ball Bearing Stitcher With Wooden Handle, 1 1/2" Wheel Diameter, 4mm Thickness
    SG572 Safety Goggles
    TI399 Air Powered Vacuum Tool For Removing Rubber Dust During The Tire Repair Process
    TI936 Low Speed Tire Buffer With Quick Change Slip Chuck And Overhose Kit