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SKU: DP600

114 Piece Oil Drain Plug & Gasket Assortment Kit - "For Newer Car Applications"

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15-DP7161S Aluminum Gasket 14mm Dead Soft Honda
3-DP7407 Rubber Gasket 12mm
15-DP7408 Metal And Rubber GM Gasket 12mm (Black) O.E. #14090908, 24571185
15-DP7409 Metal And Rubber Ford Gasket 14mm (Blue) O.E. #F3DZ-6734A
3-DP7413 Replacement Rubber Gasket For DP8006
3-DP7414 Replacement Rubber Gasket For DP8007
3-DP7416 Replacement Rubber Gasket For DP8026
3-DP7417 Rubber Replacement Gasket For DP8031 And DP8031M
10-DP7501 Fiber Gasket 14mm
10-DP7515 Fiber Gasket 1/2"
10-DP7525 Fiber Gasket 12mm
3-DP7715 Drain Plug 1/2" - 20 Dog Point Plain Finish
3-DP7825 Drain Plug 12mm - 1.75 Dog Point Zinc Plate
3-DP7802 Drain Plug 14mm - 1.50 Dog Point Zinc Plate
3-DP7846 Drain Plug 14mm - 1.50 - 17mm Hex, Honda O.E. #90009-PH1-000
2-DP8006 Drain Plug 14mm - 1.50 (13mm Hex Head) With Inset Rubber Gasket Ford 4.0L O.E. #F6TZ-6730BA
2-DP8007 Drain Plug 14mm - 1.50 (16mm Hex Head) With Inset Rubber Gasket Ford 6.8L O.E. #F75Z-6730BA
2-DP8022 Drain Plug 14mm - 1.50 (17mm Hex Head) Long Version, Honda O.E. #90009-PY3-000
2-DP8026 Drain Plug 14mm - 1.50 With Inset Rubber Gasket. Chrysler OE # 6507741AA
4-DP8031 Drain Plug 12mm x 1.75 With Inset Rubber Gasket GM# 11562588 - 15mm Hex