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Sherco Auto and Marine Supply has been a dependable vendor of Automotive Parts & Accessories, Electrical Wiring Supplies, Tire Supplies, Oil Drain Plugs & Gaskets, Automotive Wire Connectors, Tinned Copper Lugs, Tire Machine/Balancer Parts and Shop Supplies for over 30 years.

We carry a full line of American Made Wire Connectors, Wire Terminals, Heat Shrink Products, Cable Zip Ties, and related Automotive Electrical and Wiring Supplies. Our Primary Wire and Battery Cable is all Copper and made in the USA. Not only are our Automotive and Marine Wiring Supplies exceptionally made, we also offer them at the Lowest Prices found on the web. Our Tire Supplies range from Tire Patches and Plugs, to Valve Stems, Air Line Fittings, Tire Chemicals & Tools. We also feature a variety of Shop and General Repair Products.

Check out some of our more popular categories:

Automotive Primary Wire Spools and Assortments
Automotive Primary Wire
Automotive Battery Cable 6 Gauge to 4/0 AWG
Battery Cable

Automotive & Marine Boxed Assortment Kits
Boxed Assortment Kits
Cable Ties, Zip Ties & Wire Fasteners in all styles and colors
Cable Ties

Copper Lugs, Tinned Copper Lugs, Copper Ring Terminals & Copper Butt Splice Connectors for Battery Terminals and automotive needs
Copper & Tinned Lugs

Our Heat Shrink Automotive Wire Connectors are all USA Made. We carry a wide range of Heat Shrink Terminals, Ring Terminal, Butt Connector, Spade Terminal, Quick Disconnects, Automotive Electrical Supplier
Heat Shrink Connectors

Uninsulated Non Insulated Terminals Crimp Connectors
Non-Insulated Terminals

Vinyl Solder-less Crimp Terminal Connectors
Nylon & Vinyl Connectors

Oil Drain Plugs & Gaskets
Oil Drain Plugs & Gaskets

Striped Tracer Marine Wire
Striped Marine Wire

Tire Repair Supplies
Tire Repair Supplies

OEM Weatherpack Terminals and Weatherproof Electrical Connectors Supplies
Weatherpack Connectors