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D.O.T. Tire Serial Number Remover Tool

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Many tire manufacturers now require that the DOT or serial number be removed from all tires that have been returned for adjustment. The Van Alstine Tire Tool is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to deface or remove a serial number. In just two or three seconds with one pull of the Tire Tool, an intact piece of rubber containing the DOT number can be lifted from the tire surface. Save time and money, and eliminate the risk of injury from difficult to use utility knives.

Each Tire Tool (Part #TTHB-1) comes complete with blade attached. Replacement blades (Part #RRB-1) are easy to install and readily available.

D.O.T. Serial Number Remover
  • For The Removal Of Serial Numbers On Tires
  • Includes One Blade
Use TI9690 for replacement blades