Collection: Fusible Link Wire

An electrical fusible link is a type of electrical fuse that is constructed simply with a short piece of wire typically four American wire gauge sizes smaller than the wire that is being protected. For example, an AWG 16 fusible link might be used to protect AWG 12 wiring. Electrical fusible links are common in high-current automotive applications. The wire in an electrical fusible link is encased in high-temperature fire-resistant insulation to reduce hazards when the wire melts.

Fusible Link wire comes in sizes ranging from 10 AWG to 20 AWG. With it's insulation, it has a continuous operating temperature of 150°C. This wire meets the specifications set by SAE J-1128 Type HTS.

Fusible Link Ratings and Approvals:
SAE Specification: SAE J-1128 Type HTS
Voltage Rating: 50 volts - low voltage wire
Temperature Rating: 150°C

Fusible Link Applications:
This low-voltage, insulated automotive cable is designed for use in demanding automotive wire harness applications where standard fuses are unsuitable. The fusible link protects the automotive cable harness in case of extreme current overload. If this occurs, the conductor within the link melts while its insulation contains any spark or flame emitted, preventing potential electrical fires.