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WELDIT # WS-1P Radiator Cooling System Stop Leak Sealer - 20 Gram Each - 24 Vials / Sleeve

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Product Description


  • Interchange : ASBPI12 , WS-1P, WS1P, 52SM, 52-SM
  • Locates and seals leaks in radiators, engine blocks, cylinder heads, freezer plugs and heater cores
  • Lubricates water pumps, prevents rust
  • 20g / .7oz Tubes Radiator Stop Leak Aluminum Powder Each - 24 vials per sleeve 
  • Stops radiator leaks safely, quickly and easily
  • Prevents and repairs cooling system damage
  • Compatible with ALL antifreeze and coolants
  • Safe for all metal, plastic, and rubber cooling system parts
  • Made in the USA

Usage Directions:
  1. Remove radiator cap only after engine is off and cold.
  2. Turn heater control to hot.
  3. Pour contents of tube directly into radiator.
  4. Add coolant to proper level if necessary.
  5. Replace radiator cap.
  6. Drive vehicle to seal leaks.