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SKU: VR-120-10

Rectangle Gum Rubber Radial Tire Repair Patch 3" x 5" Inch - 10 Pack

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Product Description

Western Weld Versa Weld Radial Tyre Repair Unit
2 Ply - Size (75 x 145 MM) 3" x 5" Inch - 10 Pack 
  • Suitable for use as a naile hole, reinforement or section repair in any repairable area of radial tires. 
  • Specailly formulated rubber compound positioned between the fabric reinforcement package and the vulcanizing layer which acts as a flexible shock absorbing ply.
  • Unique repair unit design allows for center-over-injuery (C-O-I) application.
  • Repair units available specificly for shoulder, sidewall and crown playement saving material cost, reduccing labor preparation and providing better fitment,.
  • Works in tube-type or tubeless tires.