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60 Piece Optiseal Clear Heat Shrink & Crimp Butt Connector Assortment Kit

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Product Description

OptiSeal™ connectors are designed to provide optimal visual assurance of a sealed crimp termination.

OptiSeal™ offers the following visual assurances: 
  • Ensures the wire is crimped to connector 
  • Ensures the center of crimp barrel is properly crimped 
  • Crystal Clear waterproof insulation allows for indisputable inspection of the wire’s condition 
The OptiSeal™ Assortment contains:

20 OS55-10    12-10 AWG Window Butt Connector 
20 OS55-14    16-14 AWG Window Butt Connector 
20 OS55-16    22-18 AWG Window Butt Connector