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SKU: SW10239

Battery-Disconnect Switch ( SW104 + SW102 + Battery Side Terminal Charging Post )

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Anti-Theft Battery Disconnect Switch and Battery Saver - Will Fit Both Side Post and Top Post. This is rated at 125 amps continuous, 500amps surge. You will not loose your radio, seat, alarm or mirror settings as this unit comes with all you need to keep the memory and save your vehicles battery. You must provide your own cable if you have to extend the reach from the battery compartment. 

* Fits all 6-, 12- and 24-volt batteries. 
* Attaches discreetly out of sight under hood. 
* Vehicle cannot be started without knob. 
* Use as battery saver or safety switch by loosen knob and removing fuse. 
* Recommended for use on negative battery post but will work on positive.