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    All Automotive Battery Cable is made in the USA Made in the USA - 100% Copper All Automotive Battery Cable is made in the USA

    Full-gauge copper conductor wire ideal for connecting a battery to switch, starter, and ground. Tough, high temperature resistant PVC insulation is durable enough to handle heavy-duty automotive demands. Copper stranding is highly conductive maximizing current transfer while remaining flexible for easy installation. Our Wire Is Sourced From Usa Manufactures And Offer 100% Stranded Bare Copper, Most Offshore Primary Wire Is Not All Copper.
    Automotive Battery Cable, Automotive Starter Wire, Starter Cable, Battery Wire, Battery Cable

    Product Details:
    • Voltage: Rated at 60 Volts or less
    • Specifications: SAE J1127, SAE J378
    • Temperature: Rated -50 C (-58 F) to 105 C (221 F)
    • Print Legend: SAE J1127 SGT TYPE2 60V & SAE J378 50V (SIZE) GA 105 C (221 F) DRY
    • RoHS compliant
    • Made in the USA