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    Multilink crimp, seal and solder connectors employ a three step process to achieve a secure superior connection with maximum tensile strength. Crimping keeps the wire in place and provides mechanical reliability. Soldering with pre-fluxed low temperature solder creates a strong highly conductive connection. Sealing with adhesive lined polyolefin heatshrink tubing prevents corrosion for a long lasting water proof insulating seal. All of our Multilink Connectors meet or exceed even the most stringent OEM standard!
    Made in USA

    - Professional, commercial and industrial projects.
    - Transportation, military, LED lights, radios, plant maintenance, automotive, mining, utilities, amusement parks, heavy duty equipment, pumps, HVAC and alarm systems.
    - The heat shrink adhesive lining createsr water proof and non-corrosive connections making this ideal for marine applications and outdoor lighting.
    - Multilink connectors provide the strongest connections available and are ideal for any application where eliminating wire pull out, preventing corrosion and keeping equipment up and running are required.

    The Crimp Connector:
    - All of our non-butt style Multilink connectors (rings, spades, quick disconnects etc) are made from stamped, rolled and butted metal that has the seam brazed together with a solder alloy. These connectors are further enhanced with a zippered brazed seam and serrated inner barrel for added crimp performance.
    - All of our Multilink butt connectors are of the highest quality and are made from one seamless piece of metal ensuring that the barrel remains intact.
    - Crimp indicators on the barrel show where the crimping tool should be positioned.
    - Wire stops eliminate over insertion of wires.

    The Solder:
    - Solder rings ensure that every installation is made with the perfect amount of pre measured solder.
    - Low temperature solder alloy makes installation easier by melting with low heat.
    - Solder rings are pre fluxed to clean metal surfaces.
    - Soldering provides the termination with superior conductivity.

    Applicable Specifications

    - J-STD-006: Solder contains any or all of the following: antimony, cadmium, copper, indium, silver, iron, aluminum, nickel, arsenic, zinc, bismuth, gold, tin and lead

    - J-STD-004: 1% – 3% RMA

    The Heatshrink Tubing:
    See-through tubing allows for easy verification of proper installation by providing a window for visual inspection and analysis of connections.
    Industry standard color coded and imprinted with wire gauge for quick and easy size identification.
    The high grade polyolefin tubing has an adhesive glue lining that completely seals the connection against air and water forming a durable corrosion preventing water and weather proof seal.
    Heat shrink ratio of 3:1 for durability and excellent fusing.

    Applicable Specifications

    - MIL-1-23053/4, Class 1; AMS 3534; UL File E-157227

    Our huge selection of Sealed Crimp & Solder Connectors are available in:
    Butt connectors, Male Quick Disconnect, Female Quick Disconnect, Female Fully Insulated Quick Disconnect, Spade Connectors and Ring Terminals.

    Multilink Sealed Crimp & Solder Wire Connectors

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