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    Nylon-insulated wire connectors are terminals used to mate, connect or terminate electrical wire.
    The nylon insulated terminals provide superior insulation versus vinyl terminals for professional electrical applications.
    Nylon-insulated wire terminals are perfect for automotive & marine vehicles, and in other applications that utilize wire to transfer electrical current.
    Allows for excellent mechanical crimp and wire strain relief.
    Works best when the terminal is double crimped - once on the wire, and a second time on the insulation of the wire.

    - Insulation is securely molded and is flared for easier wire insertion.
    - The Nylon insulation sleeve is securely fastened to the barrel.
    - The Opening for our Nylon Connectors have a flared entry for easy wire insertion.
    - Standard Industry color-coding indicates wire range.
    - Rated 600 volts maximum, building wire; 1000 volts maximum, signs and fixtures.
    - Temperature rating: 105° C (221° F).
    - Made in the USA