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    Sherco Auto and Marine supply offers almost 400 types of Body Fasteners such as: Nylon Shield Retainers, Weather-Strip Retainers, Dash Panel Retainers, Trim Panel Retainers, Hood Seal Retainers, Fascia Panel Retainers, Fascia Bumper Retainers, Door Trim Panel Retainers, Radiator Grille Retainers, Dashboard Retainers, Seat Back Retainers, Engine Mount Heat Shield Retainers, Door Lock Rod Clips, Fender Mud Skirt & Fender Liner Push-Type Retainers, Black Nylon Push-Type Retainers, Black Universal Spare Tire Blind Rivets, Windshield Washer Hose Retainers, Black Nylon Retaining Clips, Black Nylon Hood Insulation Clips, Steel Body Shims, Dacromet Finish Push On Type Bumper Strip Retainers, Metric Hex Nuts, U-Nuts, Hood And Trunk Molding Clips, Windshield And Rear Window Reveal Molding Clips, Headlight Panel Retainers

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