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Body Fasteners

Sherco Auto and Marine supply offers almost 400 types of  Body Fasteners such as:

Nylon Shield Retainers
Weather-Strip Retainers
Dash Panel Retainers
Trim Panel Retainers
Hood Seal Retainers
Fascia Panel Retainers
Fascia Bumper Retainers
Door Trim Panel Retainers
Radiator Grille Retainers
Dashboard Retainers
Seat Back Retainers
Engine Mount Heat Shield Retainers
Door Lock Rod Clips
Fender Mud Skirt & Fender Liner Push-Type Retainers
Black Nylon Push-Type Retainers
Black Universal Spare Tire Blind Rivets
Windshield Washer Hose Retainers
Black Nylon Retaining Clips
Black Nylon Hood Insulation Clips
Steel Body Shims
Dacromet Finish Push On Type Bumper Strip Retainers
Metric Hex Nuts
U -Nuts
Hood And Trunk Molding Clips
Windshield And Rear Window Reveal Molding Clips
Headlight Panel Retainers

Fasteners are packed in 25 and 100 packs. The size is designated by the end of the part number.

-25 = 25 pack / -100 = 100 pack

Black Nylon Body Retainer


Black Nylon Body Retainer
Black Nylon Fascia Retainer


Black Nylon Fascia Retainer
Nylon Door Lock Rod Clip,


Nylon Door Lock Rod Clip,
Nylon Rod End Clip,


Nylon Rod End Clip,