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    Available in:
    - 6" long Cut Lengths (sold by the piece)
    - Available Colors: Red & Black
    - Made in the USA

    Use this heatshrink on any wiring and electrical project where sealing, insulating and protection from environmental contaminants and corrosion are required. Due to it's heavy wall this heatshrink is especially effective at providing protection from abrasion and harsh environments. This is a good choice for insulating and sealing battery cables, battery splices and ends.

    - SHRINK RATIO 3:1 Shrinks to 33% its orignal (round) diameter
    - Made of thermally stabilized modified polyolefin
    - Suitable for underwater use.
    - Direct Burial Rated
    - Flame Retardant
    - This heat shrinkable tubing has a heat activated adhesive lining
    - Adhesive glue seals and protects from moisture, corrosion and contaminants
    - This is an all weather heatshrink that is suitable for severe environmental conditions.
    - Comes in Black and Red for easy polarity identification.
    - Chemical Resistance to fuel, oil, solvents, acid and alkaline.
    - Can be used on lead, steel, aluminum, copper and plastic and elastomeric insulating materials.
    - Wire Gauge, power rating and parts number imprint make this heatshrink especially easy to use.
    - Can be used to insulate wires and wire harnesses up to 600V.

    - Mil Specs: MIL-DTL-230531/15, Class 2
    - UL: 486D
    - CSA: Listed
    - Shrink Temp: 250°F
    - Dielectric Strength: 500V/Mil
    - Continuous Operating Temperature 55° to 110°C
    - Ul Voltage Tating: 600V
    - Made in the USA

    Heavy Dual Wall 3M Adhesive-lined Heat Shrink Tubing 3:1

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