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Oil Drain Plugs & Gaskets

Most Manufacturers Recommend Changing the Oil Drain Plug and Gasket Each Time the Oil is Changed.

When the engine heats up, the parts expand at different rates. This, along with vibration, can cause the drain plug to loosen. The proper Drain Plug Gasket will fill up the gap and adsorb the vibration to prevent leaks. The drain plug is usually manufactured from a material slightly softer than the oil pan. This prevents damage due to cross-threading. The cost of the potential damage from losing oil and far exceed the cost of the gasket or drain plug. We offer a full line of the proper replacement Drain Plugs and Gaskets for most applications of cars, trucks, off road equipment, and marine engines.

Our part number has "DP" as prefix and no "dash(-). Ex: 71-61S = DP7161S

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