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    Available in:
    - 12" long Cut Lengths (4 per bag).
    - Available Colors: Black, Brown, Gray, White, Red, Blue and Yellow.
    - Made in the USA

    This heatshrink was designed to provide the environmental protection needed on projects such as automotive applications especially useful for projects that require protection from moisture, chemicals and solvents. Great for use on wire splices, breakouts, connections and solder joints. This heatshrink tubing seals, protects, insulates and provides strain relief to electrical components. This high quality heatshrink is often used to seal the ends of cables and rigid tubing.

    - Heatshrink Tubing 2.5:1 Semi-Rigid Adhesive
    - SHRINK RATIO 2.5:1 Shrinks to 40% its original (round) diameter
    - Made of Polyolefin
    - Available in a variely of shades for easy and convenient color coding
    - Easily removable after installation
    - This heatshrink tubing has a heat activated co-extruded integral adhesive lining that provides inherent adhesive strength
    - When heated this lining seals and insulates the heatshrink tubing creating a tough protective barrier against moisture and contaminants including chemicals and solvents
    - Non-Flame Retardant

    - Mil Specs: MIL-DTL-23053/4
    - UL: E157227
    - Recover Temp: 135°C
    - Continuous Operating Temperature -55 to 110°C
    - Made in the USA

    Semi-Rigid Adhesive-Lined Heat Shrink Tubing 2.5:1

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