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Micro J Case FMM Fuse

Space-Saving Automotive Micro J Case FMM Fuses

New vehicles are incorporating more electronic circuitry, which require more protection. With space at a premium, many new vehicles use FMM micro-fuses.

FMM Micro JCase Fuse Assortment (10 pcs total) 2 of each type

Specifications Voltage Rating: 32 VDC
Interrupting Ratings: 1000A @ 32 VDC
Operating Temperature Range: -40˚C to +125˚C
Insertion Force: 44.1N Max. (9.9 lb.)
Single Terminal Extraction Force: 4N Min. (0.9 lb). | 24.5N Max. (5.5 lb)

Time-Current Characteristics

% of Rating Opening Time Min / Max (s)
110 100 hrs / –
135 60 s / 1800 s
200 2 s / 60 s
350 0.2 s / 7 s
600 0.04 s / 1 s

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