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    Mini-ANL fuses are a popular choice for safeguarding high-current circuits and serve as the compact counterparts to MIDI fuses. Engineered to seamlessly fit into bolt-down style fuse holders, these M-ANL fuses combine reliability with effortless replacement.
    Sherco-Auto offers a range of Mini-ANL fuse options, spanning from 15 Amp to 150 Amp, catering to diverse amperage requirements.
    For Use On Systems Up To 32V, Compatible With 12V & 24V Systems.

    How do Mini ANL and AFS fuses differ from each other?
    Mini ANL and AFS fuses share a common wafer-style design. Both types of fuses are employed in fuse holders and are positioned in-line between the battery and the amplifier in audio systems.
    The crucial factor in selecting the appropriate fuse rating is the RMS wattage of your amplifier. Different amplifier wattages necessitate different fuse ratings.

    MIDI (Mini ANL) Fuses

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