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Crystal Clear Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubing 2.5:1


Available in:

6" long Cut Lengths (8 per bag)



Applications include: Use this heat shrinkable tubing on any wiring and electrical project where a waterproof seal and verifiable visual inspection of the wire connection is needed. This clear heat shrink is also great for shrinking over labels.


Made in the USA

Optiseal heat shrink wrap

SHRINK RATIO 2.5:1 Shrinks to 40% of its orignal (round)


Made of Cross-linked ionic polymer

  • Completely clear heat shrinkable tubing allows you to easily see connections.

  • This lightweight tubing is semi-rigid

  • The high stensile strength makes this heat shrinkable tubing strong and resistant to breakage but still easy to cut and work with.

  • The heat activated adhesive lining ensures a waterproof seal that also protects your connections from dust and contaminants.

  • Wire gauge imprint allows for easy size identification.

Flammability: passed (FMVSS 302 test)

Tensile Strength: 4000 PSI

Recover Temp: 194°F (90°C)

Continuous Operating Temperature: -67 to 257 F (-55 to 125°C)

Dielectric Strength: 750 V/Mil (30 KV/MM)

Longitudinal Change =1/-10% Max



To order Click on price for length needed.

Part #


8 pk, 

6" pcs


22-18 AWG, 

0.186" Clear

6.95 22-18 AWG, 0.186" Clear heat shrink wrap

16-14 AWG, 

0.260" Clear

7.95 16-14 AWG, 0.260" Clear heat shrink wrap

12-10 AWG, 

0.375" Clear

10.95 12-10 AWG, 0.375" Clear heat shrink wrap