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    The Most Versatile Heat Shrink Tubing on the Market!

    Shrinks down 28% more than standard 3:1 shrink wrap tubing

    Available in:
    - 12" long Cut Lengths (4 per bag)
    - Made in the USA

    Adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing provides the best protection for electrical terminations for primary wire and battery cables that are subjected to extreme conditions. NSPA’s heat shrink tubing provides an adhesive barrier which protects electrical components from calcium chlorides, sodium chlorides, magnesium chlorides, abrasion, vibration, and other environmental contaminants.

    Product Info:
    - High adhesive flow heat shrink tubing 4 to 1 Shrink ratio - Same tubing on Sealed Multiple Wire Connectors
    - Clear tubing allows for visual inspection
    - Ideal for insulating and sealing multiple wires
    - Wire harness and trailer wiring applications
    - Flexible wall allows it conform to irregular shapes
    - Adhesive in tubing is extremely runny and provides environmental protection for electrical components and seals against corrosion

    Use this heat shrink wrap on any wiring and electrical project where multiple wires need to be sealed together such as trailer wiring or wire harnesses. This heat shrink wrap remains flexible after installation which is additionally beneficial to wire harness applications. Also good for any job where visual inspection of the wire connections after installation is desired. The high flow adhesive provides waterproofing and protection from contaminants so its a good choice for use on wiring that will be in extreme conditions and needs to have waterproof connections or sealed splices.

    - Specs: Chrysler MS-DB56 CAN 3686, Ford ESB-M97D56A1
    - Non-Flame Retardant
    - Tensile Strength: 2450 P1SI
    - Recover Temp: 250°F (121°C)
    - Operating Temperature: -67 to 230 F (-55 to 110°C)
    - Dielectric Strength: 500 V/Mil
    - Longitudinal Change =+0%, -10% Max

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    Clear High Adhesive Flow Lined Heat Shrink Tubing 4:1

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